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Ambrosial Boutique is a small family run business based just outside of Glasgow, making highly scented wax melts and home fragrance products in a huge range of fragrances.

Kelly, the scent sorceress behind Ambrosial Boutique started the company back in 2016 after many years of candle making as a hobby. The demand for Kelly's scented creations became so intense Ambrosial Boutique soon went from a hobby business to a full time job. 

Over the last six months Ambrosial Boutique has gone through some major changes, mainly due to the discontinuation of the eco-soy wax back in 2017. This lead to some complex and time consuming trials and testing of new waxes and wax blends. We have now perfected our own beautifully buttery soft blend of Soy and paraffin waxes. We have found this finely balanced blend of waxes offers the optimum hot and cold scent throw and is used throughout our wax range. You will also find this blend of wax much easier to slice or chop without crumbling.

Here at Ambrosial Boutique, our passion is for fragrance. We strive to keep up to date with all the latest scents and every month we update the wax melt store with our favourites. Each month we also replenish all of regular favourite scents so your sure to find something to take your fancy. 

We specialise in making your home smell amazing and our range of highly scented wax melts have all been tried and tested for performance. We pride ourselves on making quality products in small batches to ensure optimum results for our customers.

Each month we introduce a new special collection, these can be themed in many different ways. Some of the previous collections include, Lavender Lovers, 80's Disco Collection, The Perfumery and currently we have the Ultimate Spring collection 

Our highly scented wax melts come in a variety of sizes. Our 6 Cube Snap Blocks are an ideal way to try a new scent. Each block is conveniently packaged to give you the perfect chunk of wax for your warmer. Simply break a cube off and place into the clean dish of your warmer, switch on or light the tea light and enjoy. Our range also includes scented wax pies which are a large tub of our highly scented wax containing approximately 200g which will give you enough for around 15 melt sized chunks. 

The bigger sizes we offer are a 300g tub and a 600g tub. We are more than happy to make any of the scents from our fragrance menu into larger sizes. Please get in touch and let us know your requirements.

For further information on how to use our highly scented wax melts please take a look at our F.A.Q.s page. 


 Gorgeous Highly Scented Wax Gifts 

Gorgeous Highly Scented Wax Gifts 

Gift Collections

Treat Yourself or a loved one to one of our gorgeous gift collections. Choose from a huge range of fragrances, all tailored to suit your requirements and packaged ready to gift.

 Mother Natures finest scents,

Mother Natures finest scents,

Botanical Collection

Our selection of finest floral, botanical and herbaceous scented wax melts. Lavender lovers and floral fans our traditional scents are inspired by Mother Nature herself.  

 Unique Seasonal Collections

Unique Seasonal Collections

Seasonal Collections

Shop for the best seasonal scents available for your home. This month spring is in the air with our super selection of florals. The perfect way to bring the best scents of outdoors, in.