About Ambrosial

Ambrosial Boutique was created as a small specialist wax company, hand making candles and wax melts

My love affair with fragrance started in my teens, I would always have incense, oil burners and candles burning to create a nice atmosphere in my bedroom. It wasn't long before I started experimenting with making my own candles and searching the hippy shops for new and interesting oils for my oil burner. Mixing and blending smells to create new ones. This passion for fragrance has followed me through life and last year when I found myself stuck indoors due to ill health I started making my own wax melts again. Friends and family were soon hooked on the gorgeous new blends I was creating and I found myself making things on a daily basis. In early 2016 I decided to start selling my wax and Ambrosial Boutique was born. 

I now keep over 200 different fragrance and essential oils in stock and have created more than 100 of my own custom blends which you won't find anywhere else. All of our scented wax melts are made using a custom parasoy blend of wax for optimum scent throw and longevity.
Unusual wax melts

Spread the happiness...

Good smells make you happier...
Smelling a fragrance you perceive as pleasant has a profoundly positive effect on your mood. So if you love vanilla, keeping a little scented wax in your warmer, it can help lift you when you're down. The same goes for citrus, jasmine, or any other scent that makes you feel contented. Find your new favourite smells over in our wax boutique.

Did you know....
Everyone has a unique "smell print" No two people smell things the same way because each of us has scent blind spots. So that wax that smells like cupcakes to you and like creamed corn to your friend? You're both right.
Spread the happiness with our soy wax melts
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