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Here at Ambrosial we create highly scented wax melts. Each melt is lovingly crafted by hand using only the finest fragrances. We use natural mica's, cosmetic grade glitter and dyes to create bespoke colours and effects, so not only does your wax smell good but it also looks good, before and during melting. With over 300 different blends available there is sure to be something to suit everybody. 

Take a look at our unique wax melt collections where you will find exclusive blends in a range of different themes with new collections added each month. 

All of our products come beautifully packaged and are labelled to comply with CLP regulation. Our packaging wherever possible is recycled and recyclable. 

botanical scented wax melts uk

Botanical Wax Melts

All Of Mother Natures finest inspired scents for a beautiful smelling home.

fruity & Sweet-3.png

Fresh & Clean Wax Melts

From line dried laundry to the scent of salty sea air, bring your senses alive with one of these great fragrances.

fruity & Sweet.png

Mouthwatering Fragrances

All the fruity fragrances you can imagine with many more you may never have thought of. Brighten your home with our beautiful range of fruity and sweetie scented wax melts

Dark & Mysterious Mysticals

Deep, dark swirling clouds of incense and patchouli, old library books and worn leather. Our mystical range will take you on a sensory journey like no other.